Weigh In 6th Feb 2020

Weigh in day again. And I really hoped that this was going to be a good week. I’m only a few small pounds away from being back to my pre-Christmas weight. So close I can almost taste it! But what did the scales actually record….?

The Bad

The big slip up this week was hubby discovering a box of Saltz cheese minis crackers from Christmas. One that hadn’t been opened. He sat beside me and started scoffing. I’d had a stressful day and my will power was very very low. So instead of my usual sensible decline when offered a tasty snack, I stuffed my hand in the box and filled my face. Stupid. And totally my own silly fault. We ate the whole box. (They were bloody good though!).

The Good

It was just the one slip up though. And I haven’t let it ruin my week. The rest of the week was good and well controlled. I couldn’t quite claw back the points I blew on the crackers, and that has given me something to reflect on. To learn from. I have started to wear my size 12 work trousers again (I’ve been in 14s since Christmas & New Year although they were loose) and my size 12 jeans are nice and slack, so even if the scales don’t reflect the hard work I put in (aside from those crackers) I do still have something to show for it.

Weigh In

On the scale this morning… not feeling hugely optimistic…. and they read 10st 6.8lb. A Stay The Same from last week. And you know what? I can live with that!

Weigh In 6th Feb 2021
Weigh In 6th Feb 2021 – Stay The Same

Yeah, I really wanted a loss. Being another lb or so closer to goal would have been the boost I needed right now, but having a cracker filled crazy night and not gaining weight from it is win enough for me. Well, for this week anyway!

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