Weigh In 6th Feb 2020

Weigh in day again. And I really hoped that this was going to be a good week. I'm only a few small pounds away from being back to my pre-Christmas weight. So close I can almost taste it! But what did the scales actually record....? The Bad The big slip up this week was hubby... Continue Reading →

Weigh In: Jan 23rd

This weeks Weigh In is just 5 days short of the Weight Loss Journey's 1st Anniversary! This time last year I was 16st 5lb. It's hard to believe now. How the week went It's been a busy and stressful week. Lots going on to mess with my head and I have had an odd slip... Continue Reading →

Bad Habits I Need To Break

Bad habits are back. With a VENGEANCE! I have found this last week really really hard. Harder than I thought I would. My Bad Habits Eating between meals... I haven't done this for so long. And then suddenly BOOM I'm smack bang in the middle of snack city. Spending the festive break nibbling and munching... Continue Reading →

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