Bad Habits I Need To Break

Bad habits are back. With a VENGEANCE! I have found this last week really really hard. Harder than I thought I would.

My Bad Habits

Eating between meals… I haven’t done this for so long. And then suddenly BOOM I’m smack bang in the middle of snack city. Spending the festive break nibbling and munching all day has re-awoken this beast. I am struggling to put it back to bed. I need to stay out of the kitchen!

Not saying no to freebies… One of the perks work is the occasional giving of freebies: tasting new recipes, and being given (off loaded onto) food that cannot be sold but is still goof to eat. Most of the things being gifted at the moment are Christmas Treats. For example the 2 family trifles and 2 family banoffi pies that came home on Friday – all frozen. We don’t have a freezer, so it had to be eaten or chucked. I accepted them. We ate them. All of them. In one weekend. And my goodness…. they were good! But I need to find a way to say “no” without sounding ungrateful, after all there are plenty of healthier freebies the rest of the year that I am very very happy to accept.

Breaking the habits

Time will help in my case. Soon there will be no temping junk in the house – only the kids snacks for packed lunches (they are off limits to me and I have no problem ignoring those – I have managed to convince myself that eating the lunch box snacks is like stealing from my own kids). I’m not buying any more. No temptation, no problem!

The bosses have plenty of people and places to pass the leftovers too and it wont be long before the sweet treats dwindle away. Then that line of temptation will be gone too! In the meantime…. I just have to be as strong as I can be.

This weeks weigh in

This is not been a good diet week. I have failed to track. I have failed in the face of temptation. My only saving grace is that I have crammed less into my face than I did during the fortnight of the 9lb gain. So it was with great trepidation that I stepped onto the scales on Saturday morning.

The result? A very unexpected (and very welcome) 1.2lb loss! That puts me at 10st 10.2lb pounds. I’m still above the 6st loss of last year (by 1.2lb) and almost 8lb heavier than my lightest weight on 5th December, but IT IS GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

Lowest Weight, Christmas & New Year, New Year Weight Loss - New Journey
Lowest Weight 5th Dec – Getting Back There!

Next mini goal: Get back in the right side of my 6st loss, i.e. drop at least 1.2lb, for my next weigh in.

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