December happened

Yeah. So. December. It’s just about over with and that’s not exactly a bad thing. December is a month of excess and stress. The diet and dedication to gaming have been pushed aside. But it’s just for the one month!

The Diet

I have tried and failed to stick to my WW Tracking and Weighing In this month. Weight was dutifully recorded for the the 5th (1.2lb loss), 12th (1.2lb gain) and 18th (1.2lb gain), and tried to weigh in on 26th but the batteries had gone in my Fitbit scales and we had no spares. Finally bought some replacements today but I haven’t plucked up the courage yet to jump on. Might as well wait for Saturday now… the next actual weigh in day. It’s gonna be a BIIIIIIG gain!

But you know what? It’s been Christmas and I have enjoyed my food and my excess knowing full well what it would mean and that it was just for this one month. Since I was cooking Christmas dinner for the Hubby & Kids myself for the first time ever I was determined it was going to be good. And it was. It was GOOSE! Not the leanest of meats…. Never mind. New Year in two days: new year, new start.

December Gaming

I have been Twitching my Minecraft Beta world (AsocialMermaid – check me out but I’m not a talker…..) I have still played Pokemon. I’ve got a few TikToks to prove it. But I haven’t gone as hard as I would normally. Work has been a huge stress – December and Christmas is the BIGGEST and BUSIEST time of year where I work, even with half the business closed because of Covid.

I didn’t bother with the Galarian Mr Mine. It was too much money for a pokemon I don’t even like. So that was a NOPE.

However…. I did finally get my Kyurem

Kyurem, Pokemon from raids December 2020
Blue Chompy Boy!

Any my Shiny Celebi

Shiny Celebi Pokemon
Soooo pretty and pink!

I have LOVED getting the Regis!

Regirock, Regice, Registeel, pokemon from raids in December 2020
Regi Collection

Goodbye 2020

To cap the year off I am currently self isolating again. Despite having tiptop personal hygiene, social distancing skills, and some obsessive mask wearing (not to mention not getting to see ANY FAMILY over Christmas), I have developed a cough and have been experiencing hot flushes and sweats (sexy, right!?) so I have been banished from the workplace, and been subjected to a Covid test. Hoping to have the results in the next day or two. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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