Escaping the Plateau

Ah, the dreaded weight loss Plateau. Those weeks and weeks were nothing seems to change no matter how well you behave. It is soul destroying. Especially at this time of year when there are treats and snacks and all manner of goodies on display everywhere you look. It’s so tempting to jack the whole diet in and stuff you face. And so hard to ride out!

The Plateau

So those of you who enjoy the weight loss side of my Pokemon Weight Loss Journey might have noticed that it has been a bit quiet on the old diet front of late. That’s because I have been sulking. The last significant loss recorded was Halloween. Since then it has been Plateau City! 0.4lb up, 0.3lb down, 0.4lb down….

The dreaded weight loss plateau

But this week is different…. this week there is a loss… 3.4lb loss! That has tipped the scales to a 6 stone 1.4lb total loss!

Total weight loss so far

The only thing to do about the Plateau is to ride it out. Use the time to take a look at what might have slipped though the net, and not give up. Are you really tracking everything you eat? Are those portion sizes really the right size? Are you drinking enough? (Usually, no!)

Letting things slip

Yeah. Things have slipped. In the last few weeks I have caved in an eaten some large bars of chocolate. Resistance was futile in the face of Cadbury’s Gingerbread Dairy Milk, and Terry’s Chocolate Orange & Cranberry. The latter pointed up at more than a full days worth of WW Blue Plan Points – and was called LUNCH one fateful Saturday. Baaaad Chonky Pokemum! They were amazing though and I have little to no regret over enjoying them! Just… more responsibly next time.

So that’s the BAD. Spotted and stopped! The GOOD is that the portion sizes are still bang on track. Thank you to Pinch of Nom for making that side of dieting simple. And finally, WATER! The water intake is on the up and the scales are heading down.

With only 3.4lb to go to reach my 10st goal I am feeling confident in my Weight Loss Journey again. The end truly is in sight and I am hoping – HOPING – that I can hit that target before Christmas.

What the scales say this week

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