Weigh In

First stamp of the new month

This week’s weigh is giving me things to think about. It wasn’t what I had been hoping for at all.

What went wrong?

Mostly, I haven’t been drinking enough water. I know I haven’t because I’ve been waking up gasping for a drink the last 2-3 mornings. When I’ve looked back I haven’t finished off two of my litre water bottles each day like I am supposed to. And I do know better so it is fully my own fault.

I think this is a knock on effect from my to weeks in isolation. It meant that for two weeks I didn’t leave the house, and therefore didn’t need to wear a mask. Now I’m back at work wearing a mask all flipping day. It took ages for me to get into the habit of having a drink even though having to move my mask for every sip was off putting. And now that I have broken that habit, it’s hard to get back into it.

Why is water important?

To not be too crude, water helps to “move things along” in your body. Not drinking enough can also cause your body to try to retain the water that is there. Both of these things impact on your weight. Also, I use water to help me feel full. I’m sure I read somewhere that too often our brains confuse thirsty for hungry. I believe there is truth in that. When I don’t drink enough I start wanting to snack. And I have nibbled on a few things this week. Not anything terrible, and I have pointed it, but poor choices. And that’s made a difference too.

Weigh In

This week's weigh in on the FitBit Aria 2

So this is what I got when I hopped onto the scales this morning. 10st 7.4 lb.

It’s exactly the same as last week.

It could have been worse. It could have been a gain. But I am still disappointed, especially when the finish line is all but in sight!

I guess I had better go an fill up that water bottle! Half way through the day and a lot of drinking to still get through!

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