Thank you Fast Exp!

Today I finally FINALLY hit level 40. In no small part thanks to Fast Exp! Some of my TikTok followers and IRL Pokemon Go playing friends asked how I finally got there. Here are some tips!

Finally reaching level 40 with Fast Exp

Fast Exp

1: Obvious & simple. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL! Seriously though, if that pokemon pops up and you have a pokeball, catch the thing! Even the smallest of Weedles will give you a little exp. It all adds up. Don’t just shiny check and ditch. And hatch those eggs! Always have a egg hatching for exp. (Phone Wobblers help!)

2: Evolutions. If you have candy and dust to spare, get evolving. If you don’t want to waste too much, evolve you cheap low level pokemon just for the exp.

3: Raids. DO THEM! I know it’s harder in lockdown and especially if you are isolating. But Niantic are still giving away weekly remote raid passes each week and if you can get out, you get a free raid every day. Do them!

4: Lucky Eggs. The careful use of lucky eggs is key. Planning on hitting up raid hour with friends? Lucky egg. About to complete some serious research? Lucky egg. Double XP event? Duh! LUCKY EGG! And if you can combine any of these DO IT.

5: Gifting. I know it’s a hassle but it is very much worth the effort. You get a big chunk of exp when a friend level goes up. Getting to level 4 with a friend gives a hefty 10,000 exp. Well worth the grind. But if you want more instant gratification, hook up with people who are happy to reach level 1 or 2 and Dutch. Replace with new friends and repeat. Time it right and have a few level up at the same time and guess what? Lucky egg!

Find Friends

It is easier than you think to find friends to use this clever little friend level up exp hack. There are websites out there for exactly that. I love PokemonRooms. They have a filter for people who just want FastXp. They won’t sulk when you bin them off. There’s no chat feature so it’s safe. No one knows you or can creep on you.

Visit and sign up or scan friend codes.

You could also share your trainer code on all your social media with the usual #pokemongo and #trainercode hashtags and watch the friend requests roll in. Just be careful where you post and who you talk to.

Keep an eye on who is active and gifting. I give my friends nicknames and include the month, and update it every month. For example all my tiktok buddies that are active this month are nicknamed □ 11 because its November. The □ is so I know where I friends them from. If they open/send a gift next month I change the nickname to □ 12. If they go 2 months without opening or sending a gift then they risk getting binned and replaced with a new friends. You can filter by nickname to its easy to find this months or last months active players. My IRL friends and family get a little more grace. So I don’t confuse them they are nicknamed ♡ 11. You get the idea!

So this is how I got up from level 34 to level 40 in just a few months. I hope this helps any aspiring Trainers out there. You can be sure I’ll carry on using these techniques ready for when the level cap increases (any time now!) I’ll be chasing level 50 next!

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