Pokemon Go Eggs – Hatching in Lockdown

Pokemon Go Eggs Love The Phone Wobbler!

Hatching Pokemon Go Eggs has been a bit of a chore. It’s something I lost interest in until these new 12km red Leader Eggs became a thing. Now I want to hatch them again! For my birthday in August asked for – and got – a Pokeball Plus and a gadget for wobbling it. I have fondly nicknamed said gadget as my “phone wobbler” and have mentioned it in my blog before. I’ve also referred to it on TikTok when my weekly reward from Pokemon Go was for over 200km “walked”. All without me leaving the house. That earned me 1k views on that clip alone in my first week sharing Pokemon Go videos!

NEWZEROL Phone Swing for Pokemon Go

This is said “phone wobbler” the NEWZEROL Steps Counter Phone Swing for Pokeball Plus/Pokemon Go:


I know! It looks like some sort of random instrument of torture! But honestly it has been a brilliant tool during isolation and lockdown so I really cannot recommend it enough.

2 weeks in isolation? Unable to leave the house even to pop to the shops? Or spin those Pokestops two streets away that I can see but just not quite reach? Well, it’s just not fun!

Not much I can do about spinning the stops without spoofing. (I am NOT down with that) but Pokemon Go eggs hatching and buddy walking? Well I CAN do something about that!

It’s also pretty handy of if you have the Pokeball Plus and play Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu or Eevee. Why? Well, because you an sit the Pokeball in and take your in-game buddy for a stroll. You can earn candies and exp to level that baby up!

I’ve had it since August and I love it. If you click the link and buy one I might (if I’m very lucky) get a smidge of commission. But don’t make that the reason you do. Your reason should be those Monday rewards and hatching a million billion eggs even in lockdown!


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