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I am not looking forward to this Weekly Weigh In. Two weeks of not being able to leave the house. This has been hard. My heart truly goes out to all the people who were locked down for months. Especially with the kids at home. Snacks. All I hear about is snacks. I can resist the temptation of snacks perfectly well when I have no sight of them. I want to run and hide from the kitchen. And I am desperate to get outside again – somewhere further than the garden gate (if only to play Pokemon Go!) I am back at work this evening for stock take. I never thought I’d be GLAD to do stock take!

Last week I dropped half a pound. But I had spent the week tearing round the house like a woman possessed, clearing clutter and such. This week with the kids being home for half term I have done considerably less. My FitBit has hardly registered any steps (I have only been able to hatch Pokemon eggs because I have my phone wibbler on ALL DAY).

So drum roll please as I step onto the scales and see what I’ve managed to do with myself this week.

Weekly Weigh In:

Well I did NOT see that coming! I am DELIGHTED! And will probably celebrate with a nice fat slice of Victoria Sponge from work when I get home, because my WWUK Blue Plan points allows for a treat so long as I work round it.

Weight Loss in LB

I can hardly believe that I am less than 10lb away from my goal weight now. I wonder…. can I shift 10lb in 8 weeks and hit my goal by Christmas? Sure, I’ll pile it back on over Christmas it self, but I can shift it again afterwards. That would be utterly AMAZING!

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