Another one bites the dust

That’s another LB gone!

Having to stay home all week hasn’t been easy. I’m bored. I’m stressed. I’m fighting the urge to eat!

I have kept myself busy by continuing the long-overdue declutter of the house. Only I can’t go to the tip at the moment so now the car is full of all the recyclable stuff (to keep it from being ruined by the nasty weather) and the rest is piled up on bags down the side of the house. As soon as I am allowed to go out again I’ll be making a few trips over to that tip!

But the house has never looked so good! I just need Hubby to sort out his junk – I mean, all his precious treasures – and to finish up sorting the kitchen. But the kitchen is the hardest room to do…. not only because it looks like a bomb site now it has become Hubbys domain, but because that is where the food is. I can totally resist temptation when it’s not right in my face. But spending hours in the kitchen sorting, tidying, and cleaning? It’s soooo hard! I am having to break the task down over a few days just to stop myself from scoffing everything!

Not even any solace in my beloved Pokemon Go!

Only me and the eldest kiddo are locked down. As we haven’t had any symptoms Hubby and the other 3 kiddo are free to move about as normal (shame he doesn’t drive to take this junk to the tip). Hubs has been spinning pokestops for me on the school run. But now school is out for half term and with the weather being so grotty I can’t see him volunteering to go out in the rain just to spin a stop for me. As the Halloween event has just started that is pretty gutting for me.

Still a week to go. Wish me luck!

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