Machop Community Day In Lockdown

Machop has to be in my list of favourite pokemon in Pokemon Go. And I love a Community Day with all those shiny chances. But it’s no fun trying to play through a Community Day in a Lockdown.

Loves me a machop!

Lockdown Blocked

I was lucky enough to not be working this machop community day, but when you can’t go out and play it really does take the shine off it. I’ve coughed up for the Kanto Pass so I automatically had the special research. Thankfully that wasn’t hard to do with an incense on the go so I managed to do that within about 10 minutes from my bed. I even bagged a couple of shiny machop in that small window of game play.

Got The Machop I Wanted

I got what I wanted from the community day though. No hundos but lets face it, that was never going to happen if I didn’t play the whole day. A decent 3 star at 98% IVs. Two shiny machop, and one of those was ok-ish. Worth evolving so that I can all the evolutionist of shiny recorded in my dex.

In truth, I only played the community day for about an hour or so. Then I sat my phone in my trusty phone wobbler, hooked up my pokeball plus, and tapped the button until I ran out of red pokeballs.

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