Hoenn Challenge – How’s yours going?

Ohh I am liking this Hoenn Challenge! The timed research is nice!

Hoenn Challenge Raids

Thanks to my lovely Trainer Friends inviting me to raids I have caught both Groudon and Kyogre needed for it – including my first ever SHINY GROUDON! Very happy with that!

And that “mysterious pokemon” reward was a Rayquaza!!!! Ever had one of those before either! Very happy with that as a reward.


Cray-cray for Ray-ray … after all this time! #rayquaza #pokemongo #pokemon

♬ Crazy for You – Madonna

I’m getting loads of messages on TikTok asking me to invite people to my raids…. guys I’m taking invites from others. Lockdown here means I can’t go out and find my own raids so unless one drops in my lap on my lunch break at work (two gyms there!) I’ve no chance of inviting. Sorry! Thank you for all my invites. I do as many as I can and will invite folk back when I can!

Collectors Challenge

Have to admit I am struggling with the collectors challenge again though. Where the hell or Bagon, Plusly and Minun??? Damned if I can see them anywhere! Yeah, OK, so I’m only driving to work and back but still… there are a lot of mons out there on that commute and I’m just not finding these three! Maybe they’re in the eggs….? If so…. Phone Wobbler Time! If you know then please drop me a comment. I want my second collectors medal! Still salty about missing out on the first one.

Hoenn Collectors Challenge - 3 to go!

I have, however, finally caught a noibat. Seems like everyone else in the world had one but me. And today as I crossed the carpark at work and one finally popped out in front of me. Its crap… but its MINE! Mwahahahaaa! Yeah. I’m that excited about a bat pokemon.

So how’s your challenging going? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear about it.

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