Weigh In: Jan 23rd

This weeks Weigh In is just 5 days short of the Weight Loss Journey’s 1st Anniversary! This time last year I was 16st 5lb. It’s hard to believe now.

How the week went

It’s been a busy and stressful week. Lots going on to mess with my head and I have had an odd slip up and given in to stress eating. I’ve struggled to sleep. Anxiety has been high with one thing and another. I haven’t been drinking enough water (again… why do I keep falling into that trap?).

But I am doing everything I can to keep my self occupied and away from the food. At least I’m not buying any junk food – just managing to find things I thought had already run out! I’ve given this blog a bit of a re-vamp and experimented with making a shop on it (affiliate products only, but it’s good practice for work and my future career prospects).

And in fairness the second half of the week has seen some improvement. It’s still very stressful but a couple of small things went my way, and I got some good news I desperately needed which has lifted a little weight from my shoulders, if not my waistline.

Weigh in drum roll please

I hadn’t expected too much progress on the scales but was optimistic that it wouldn’t be awful either. Because after all, I know what I’ve done wrong and what I’ve done right. I know what I need to do next week to make it better. It’s all learning curve: what works, what doesn’t.

This weeks weigh in is:

Weigh In Jan 23rd 2021
1.8lb Loss

A 1.8lb loss! I am now 10st 8.4lb. Still up from before Christmas, still less than the 6 stone less I had achieved, but edging closer every week. And given that I ate a LOT of pastry last weekend, and a lot of free desserts courtesy of work, and there was a stress induced chocolate binge, I’m pretty happy!

Next week:

  • Limit the freebies from work (easier said than done)
  • Focus on better ways to deal with stress & anxiety
  • Aim for another 1lb+ loss

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