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Welcome to my shop! Please note that these are affiliate links. What does that mean?

  • You will not be buying any of these products from me. Instead you will be buying them though Amazon with all the normal Amazon processes.
  • I do not get paid anything for anything that sells. Although I might get a small Amazon voucher if a lot sells.
  • The prices are correct at the time of listing. Remember that the seller can and will change prices without notifying me. The price of the listing on Amazon is the price you will pay. So if they do change, please do not shout at me!
  • I do not have stock of any of these items. Please do not ask me for a private sale etc. I simply cannot do that.

The products I list in this shop are ones that I have bought and personally recommend. Or that are on my wish list! You will find me talking about most of these products in my blog posts. Pretty much everything in this shop is either Pokemon related, or weight loss and fitness related. I am not employed by or paid by any of the companies that produce or sell any of these products.

I wont promote anything that I do not personally recommend (or wish to own – in which case I will state it is a wish list item and not an owned and verified item) so please do not ask me to promote anything of yours unless you are willing to provide me the product and will accept an honest review (i.e. if I don’t like it, I wont recommend it to my readers!) – this is normal practice for bloggers / influencers. If I receive a product for these purposes and do choose to promote it I will clearly state the circumstances.

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