He stuck to the points!

My lovely Hubby did it! He bought what was on the shopping list, followed the recipe, and stuck to the points! Tonight’s tea was yet another Pinch Of Nom recipe for Garlic & Lime Balti, and it was bang on the 6sp we’d worked out when choosing it. I am very proud of him! Not over loading our plates with carbs is a massive change for him and he did it with class and style!

Recipe rating: 4/4 kids ate it all and declared it delicious! It will be a regular from now on.A nd I am enjoying a cheeky gin and low cal choccy bar to use up the points cushion I had left myself. I even have a sneaky little carryover point!

I got 3000 steps in before work today too, which I am proud of. I still have a way to go to hit my old regular 10,000+ per day but I am increasing the 2500ish I have been doing for the last few months. So that is a small win for me. Crazy to think that I used to clock up 5 kilometres on the tredmill and another 5k on the bike before work 3 times a week in my old job. Such a shame I dont get that discount gym membership anymore. But there are other ways to get fit.

Oh and one last little win for the day… I turned down cake that was 17 sp for just 100g! 🤪

Search for Garlic & Lime Balti: https://pinchofnom.com/

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