Stocking up on the goods

Tonight Hubs cooked from Pinch of Nom. We had the Mediterranean Tuna Pasta Bake. And even though he huffed at the amount of pasta it called for and bumped a 7 point meal up to 11 points it was really tasty and filling. Kid rating: 3/4 kids cleaned their plates. Reasonably successful! I’ve even stayed within my points!

So that’s 2 from 2. We are liking PON. I might even buy the other book!

After tea tonight we flicked through a few more recipes and we are looking at trying the Garlic & Lime Balti, and the Cherry Cola Pulled Pork (Balti is my choice, pulled pork is the kids. Hubby got no say. Hes just cooking it!)

Meantime I am rocking my 0 point lunches so I can have a hearty breakfast and afford Hubbys “improvements” to any recipe he tries to follow. The shopping list for the next couple of days is done! I’m feeling very organised. I’ve also cracked on and got my lunches prepped for the next 3 days, and made the kids pack ups for tomorrow so that in the morning – after I’ve done my other crack-of-dawn-before-the-fam-get-up jobs (glamorous jobs like cleaning the litter tray) – I’ll have time for a little exercise. I need to get my step count back up!

Get the recipe here:

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