PON! You let us down!

I guess the streak had to end. Not everything we ate from Pinch Of Nom was going to be awesome. Today the Diet Cherry Cola Pulled Pork flopped. All the worse for the fact that Hubby spent a massive amount of time on this recipe and because the kids were sooo looking forward to it. But there was no Cherry Cola taste to the meat. In fact it didnt really taste of anything. It was just sloppy and bland.

Kid rating: 3/4 kids ate it but were very quiet about it. No “Daddy this is amazing!” like we’ve had about the others. They were more vocal about his mashed potatoes. Which they did like.

Never mind. You cant win them all. And I have points to use up. Tomorrow is promising to be a tough one at work so gin probably isnt the answer tonight (tomorrow almost certainly but not tonight). Off to do the dishes and find a point worthy treat.

Maybe you’ll do better: https://pinchofnom.com/

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