I made up with PON…

So I have been browsing Pinterest to try and find more WW friendly recipes that excite. I was looking for things other than PON but this looked nice and relatively simple to make. (Hubby is finding recipes stressful. Hes not one for being told what to do in any aspect of his life). I love cajun seasoning anyway and I think poor Hubby is sick and tired of Chicken.

Kid rating: 4/4 cleaned their plates! Although the youngest two had to drink milk to combat the spice (it really wasnt that spicy!!! I think they just like milk). Kiddo #2 said it was his favourite so far! Kiddo #1 gave it two thumbs up. High praise from a pre-teen.

This was looooovely! So pleased after yesterdays heart breaking Pulled Pork. The kids aren’t crazy about spices so they were given slightly small portions – they are more than capable of topping up any gaps in their bellies with fruit or snacks if they felt hungry afterwards. At only 8sp a portion it meant that we adults could afford a little extra if we wanted it. But it is so filling! Hubby didnt have any extra – he isn’t mad about rice. I had a little extra (pointed) and have stashed the rest away for my lunch tomorrow. Friday is usually a “treat” lunch for me so having 4 points of leftover tea instead of my 0sp lunches will indeed feel like a treat.

We are looking forward to the weekend now with new Pokemon raids starting and getting the hang of the new PVP league. I’ve heard the weather might not be up to much though. Really hope we can get out and earn some fit points while catching and battling. Its just not the weekend without Pokemon Go!

Find Cajun Dirty Rice here: https://pinchofnom.com/

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