Weighday Eve

The big weigh in is tomorrow. We are both feeling optimistic. Hubs loved losing 7.7lb last week and says he already feel less out of breath climbing Mount School (the massively steep hill we have to face on the school run). I can now wear the blouses for work that fit before Christmas and wouldn’t button up by New Year (without gaping between the buttons). Our Rock’n’Roll Friday Night has involved planning our WW menu, building a shopping list to cover us from tomorrow through to Tuesday tea time, and discussing which new dishes will stay on the family menu.

This is all so much easier now we are both doing WW together! In the past it’s been just me and even though I did well I really feel like this time will be great! Especially since it was his idea to do it!

We’ve had big plans to go out and about this weekend. The weather looks awful though. Its forecast to rain all day. And as much as we all want to get out and go Pokemon Hunting I cant really drag them through the rain and cold wind. I’ll have to come up with a plan… but I’m not sure what yet. Thinking cap on!

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