It’s been a good second week! 6lb down for me and 3 down for him.

Hubby is disappointed that he hasnt lost as much as last week and is blaming PON because that’s “the only change we’ve made”. I’ve reminded him that first week losses are almost always big and the aim is to lose 1-2 lb a week. Anyone else would be thrilled with his loss this week. *sigh* I am not blaming PON, I’m thanking PON and WW. But he is still new to the whole weight loss journey thing so o guess he will get it soon enough.

Personally I think a joint loss of 9lb is brilliant! I’ve been watching my weight every day and have watched it slow down from over a pound a day at the start to only a fraction of a pound a day. I think – from doing WW before – that we are just settling in. I don’t expect a massive impressive loss next week. I think we will be chasing those 1-2lb recommend safe losses from here on. I’m happy with that. I might need to give Hubs rather a lot of support to help him come to terms with “slow and steady”

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