Transferring from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home

My first Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home transfer! Very simple to do and a nice little reward for doing it. I couldn’t wait ti give it a go and get my special reward.

So the bad news is that I missed Lugia Raid Hour today and I’m gutted. I had 4 remote raid passes lined and up waiting, and my newly level 40 self was itching to get out and do some raids. Unfortunately I had to stay late at work for a meeting and missed almost the entire thing. No raids for me, Adulting hurts but what can you do?

The good news is that I did manage to do this!

Messages in Pokemon Home about transfers from Go

I picked out a random low level Pokemon in PoGo that wasn’t in my Home Dex yet (a Piplup if you’re interested) and once I’d signed into Home through my Go app I transferred it to Home. Checked my Switch Lite and sure enough it was there. Then checked the messages in my Home app and….

Reward notification for first PoGo to Home transfer

Nice to have, yes? Want to see it’s stats?

Stats for my new Melmetal!

So it’s not available in Pokemon Go (Wahhhh!) but I can have plenty of fun with it in Sword and Shield on the Switch. And I plan to! Gigantamaxing this baby is going to be fun! Just a shame that there has to be more adulting to be done before I can get my next Pokemon Sword or Shield fix this weekend (assuming the PokeKids don’t beat me to it!!!)

Grab yourself a download of the Pokemon Home app from your app store or right here from their own page. It’s great for trainers who love to build a pokedex to show off. Not to mention perfect for anyone who has PoGo and any of the Lets Go games or Sword and/or Shield!

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