Electabuzz Community Day!

Electabuzz is the Community Day I have been most looking forward to out of the two we have this month. Mainly because I already have a Shiny Magmar but not a Shiny Electabuzz.

Electabuzz & Magmar this November
Two Community Days This Month!


Observe this broken heart to have been working today! I shouldn’t cry about it because I have only just got my full time hours back for a brief spell during this covid-19 madness. However the “grown-up within” tells me that earning money is technically more important than playing a game. Technically…. Anyway, I get half an hour for my lunch and a quick 10 minute tea break. It is amazing what you can achieve in 40 minutes if you really put your mind to it. Especially if you don’t mind throwing away an incense on it.

My Electabuzz Highlights

So how did I do? Take a look:

8th Electabuzz in – 1st of 2 Shiny!

2 Shiny Electabuzz. Neither great, but having them is better than not! One has been Evolved!

Shiny Electabuzz and Shiny Electivire

No Hundo. But plenty of 3 stars. The best one has been evolved and now has Flamethrower. Terrible CP but 89% so I can work on that CP later (BUDDY!)

HIghest % but lowest CP. Typical...
Low CP, but 89% – best one of the day

Forking out for the Special Research (thank you to the free money from Google Opinion Rewards) was nearly a waste this time round. It was purchased before being told that today was a full day at the office. Squeezing it into a half hour lunch break wasn’t easy – and yet still the mission was accomplished! #dedication

I thought I was going to get a clear 2 hours to play. That is enough to do reasonably well (or it was for Porygon) It’s a bit gutting that I only got about half an hour. But Shinies were caught, even if the Hundo wasn’t. At least I got some playtime, and the next Community Day is on a Saturday. NOT AN OFFICE DAY!

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