Magmar Community Day!

Magmar! Flaming Duck Face! There isn’t enough love for this chonky boi in my humble opinion. Although, I am bias because I’ve been carrying round a semi-good shiny for quite some time. Much to the envy of my PokeKids.

Electabuzz & Magmar Community Days

Hunting Magmar

Saturdays as the best days to have a Community Day – for me anyway. NO WORK! (So much better than last week) But as it is shopping day. AKA: Valid Reason To Leave The House In Lockdown #2! And there are always soooo many Pokemon hanging out in the supermarket car parks. No, really, there are. It’s like Asda is some secret Pokemon HQ!

I took the fam out for a drive, calling in at the best catching spots for a rainy day during lockdown: Asda carpark, Matalan carpark, and the pay & display carpark in town. Exciting (!) But when you don’t want to get too close to people cruising round carparks seems pretty appealing! We even took in a Mega Bulbasaur raid just for kicks. Just to add to our day PokeKid2 battled Giovanni for the first time and kicked is ass (cue one upset Pokedad who can’t beat him!).

Look at these beauts. My shiny haul for the day. 10 new shiny Magmars. That one down the bottom is my original non-community day shiny.

Shiny Magmar from Magmar Community Day 2020

Best Catch of the Day:

No Hundos…. best was 96% though so that’s not too bad. Needs some powering up but that’s ok too. I’ve already given it a second attack so once some stardust has been pumped into it, it’s going to be a bit of a beast!

96% Magmortar from Magmar Community Day 2020

Once again I sprung for the Special Research and fully abused the incense (here’s that Google Opinion Rewards link again, earn money to spend in games).

How did you get on with Community Day? Did you get a Hundo? Or a SHUNDO?

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