Team GO Rocket is celebrating

“Team GO Rocket is celebrating” is in it’s last few hours, and tomorrow is Roselia Community Day – a fun week all round! Shame I’m working tomorrow, but I might manage to get a chunk done during my lunch break if I’m lucky. How have you got on with the limited time research? I’m happy to have chuncked my way through it without too much hassle. Hubby & Kiddos haven’t done quite so well because lockdown meant they couldn’t head out and find grunts. But I’m a keyworker with 2 gyms and nealy half a dozen gyms round my work place.


I managed to bag my Ho-oh. Hard to believe I had none only a few months ago and now I have 3 decent ones. My reward Ho-oh have an 86 IV which is far from perfect but usable. I’m certainly not complaining!

"Team GO Rocket is celebrating" reward Ho-oh
Reward Ho-oh!

Raid Battles

I’ve not been crazy for the raid battles. I have plenty of Raikou, Entei and Suicune from earlier events, but you can’t have too many legendary pokemon, and I am still chasing level 41 (I only need the XP to hit it now) so I have accepted as many raid battle invitations as I can.

Team GO Rocket is Celebrating STICKERS

OK, so they are maybe the least exciting reward, but I do love a sticker. I’m happy that I’ve picked up all three Rocket Leaders stickers, but am I the only one who thinks it’s odd to get a Sierra sticker from an Arlo battle? And no, I wont be adding them to anyones gifts…. I am hoarding those silly things!

Right now I’m going to get some eggs hatched. I have a stack of 10k eggs waiting to get cracked open. My day is wide open and my phone wobbler is crying out for a good work out (since I’m not planning on going far today – day off work!). I am going to take full advantage of that 1/2 hatch distance while I still have it enjoy for another day. I might even tiktok a few!

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