Community Day – Pokemon Go – Roselia Community Day

Working weekends sucks when your fav game has special events for a limited time ON A DAY WHEN YOU HAVE TO WORK! Yes, I am eternally grateful to have a job, I don’t ever want anyone to think that I’m not – especially with the world in the state that it is in right now – but the petulant child inside me stamps it foot when community day lands on a Sunday. And doubly especially when I have the paid extra research to complete too.

Fastest Ever Community Day

OK. Not the fastest anyone has ever done it. I’m not daft enough to try to make that kind of claim. But this is pretty fast I think… I get half an hour for my lunch. Take out the time for a wee and to make a cup of coffee and there’s probably less than 25 minutes of actual game play possible. I stuck on an insense and hoped for the best.

First pokemon – SHINY! Boom! I caught that sucka! Only a 2 star but who cares, I got it. Then it was just ball throw after ball throw! Once again, I am sooooo glad I work somewhere that has a decent spawn rate (home is rubbish).

I ploughed through the timed research and even managed to smash the special research too – with 2 minutes of my break to spare! OK, so I didn’t eat anything and my coffee was pretty tepid by the time I got to take a sip but who cares! All research done and TWO shiny Roselia for my efforts. I don’t even care that I didn’t get a hundo.

Community Day Pokemon Go Roselia Community Day

I am so looking forward to some slightly more shilled out Pokemon Hunting over the next couple of weeks. With the Luna New Year coming up and Valentines Day, and then at long long last – KANTO! I can’t wait!

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