Luna New Year & Tauros!

Luna New Year is here! For the LONGEST TIME Tauros has been the only Kanto Pokemon not in my Dex. No one was willing to trade and a flight to the USA just to catch a pokemon is a little excessive even for me (despite having a million Mr Mime I could trade out there). This regional beast has alluded me for far too long! I’ve hatched 2 kangaskan and I have more farfetched than I could possibly need thanks to events in 2020…. but Tauros? Not a sniff!

Luna New Year Event

I had hoped for so long that this would be the pokemon for this event. 2021 is the year of the ox / bull after all. It makes sense! And then there it was… Timed Research with not one but TWO Tauros as rewards! I got my first one today, and I am working towards number 2 as we speak!

Luna New Year 2021 - Tauros
Luna New Year 2021 – Tauros

I’ve not been crazy about the other spawns. Sure, I’ve checked off the collection without a hitch this time – and that’s always nice. But there was nothing out there that I was desperate for. Apart from the Tauros! Do we really need more Luvdisc? And what’s with all the bugs? Yeah, ok, so they make up a pair – a couple for as it’s almost Valentines Day, cute. But BUGS?! Well… they must be someones favourite pokemon. And there will always be someone who needs them to complete their Dex. We haven’t all been playing since Day 1.

Anyway…. time to move on and look forward to GO TOUR KANTO! What’s the betting I’ll have dozens on Tauros by the end of that!? Haha! I am beyond excited for that event. The kids are sulking becuase I haven’t bought tickets for everyone. But at £10 each…. I can’t spend £60 for us all to have tickets! And I can’t pick one kid over the others. So tough luck kiddos…. Maybe next time!

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