♡♡ Valentines Day ♡♡

It was not the best day at work. I felt immensely stressed. Normally after a day like that I hit the food. Given the circumstances I was restrained. But also given that it is Valentines Day I don’t have a whole lot of hope for our weigh in tomorrow.

Let’s talk food!

Breakfast was a treat! Heart shaped crumpets (from Asda, 5sp each on blue) and poached eggs. I gave up my frothy coffee to allow for the crumpet. Eggs are free!

Lunch – my usual “free” fish (tuna today), salad and fruit.

Tea…. takeaway. BUT ONLY BECAUSE ITS VALENTINES DAY! I tried to be as good as I could and pointed what I had to the best of my ability. But it is only guess work. But even a char grilled chicken wrap is heavy in the belly and I think that will reflect on tomorrows weigh in.

I also had 5 of my Milk Tray chocolates. Also pointed. Scary!!!

Despite everything I stayed within my weeklies. I didn’t get my blue dot though.

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