While I sit here tapping away on my phone for this blog my children are eating battenberg. Battenberg happens to be one of my most favourite cakes in the whole wide world. And I just turned it down. I. Said. No. Be proud of me! This is a massive deal! HUGE!

In fact I have been very good all day in the face of serious temptation. The majority Februray thus far has been spent updating the allergen files at work. Today I was working on the wonderful #LathamsOfBroughton line of cakes and desserts that we stock. All day looking at cheesecakes, eclairs, vanillas and more. But I didn’t go and eat any!

The kitchen are trying out new scone recipes and one of the perks of my job is taste testing. I was checking on allergens in the kitchen and pressed to sample the latest batch. I had the teeniest tiniest taste – about a teaspoon full. Enough to contain just one single raisin. No butter. No jam. No clotted cream. And then I walked away!

I think that it is knowing that tomorrow – Valentines Day – will not be a diet day that has given me the strength to be good. Reserving as many WW points as I can so that I can spoil myself with a lush Valentines tea (likely to be a char grill chicken wrap from our favourite takeaway since we have bo baby sitter for 4 kids).

Meantime Hubby has been at PON again and has made an awesome Creamy Garlic Chicken for just 9sp. Kid Rating 4/4 clean plates!

Search Creamy Garlic Chicken: https://pinchofnom.com/

And if you’re not on a diet check out: https://lathams.com/

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