“I’ll go shopping after work” I said. “You take the kids to school’s movie night and enjoy your fish fingers. I’ll shop at Asda and get myself something from the cafe. Don’t go out in the cold and wet when I have a warm car I can use!”

Yup. That was me last night. All armed with my WW app so I could find an appropriate meal while he enjoyed a movie and fun tea with the kiddos. It didn’t pan out… by the time I had got to Asda after work the cafe was shut. It’s too late to start cooking when I get home so its eat out or have another salad (one a day is enough in this weather!) BUT that darned cafe was CLOSED! I was tempted by McDonald’s round the corner (cheese burger 10sp) but told myself “no… be good” and off to the kiosk for the takeaway food they have there.

Let me tell you…. evening time is not the time to try and buy kiosk food. All that was left was the massive sandwiches (they looked good but soooo much bread!), sauce laden pasta boxes (not keen on boxed pasta, the preservatives taste yuck, and sauce = mucho points), or a Vegan Balti Wrap. I figured plants would be the best option.

13 bloody points!

It was gone on a heart beat and wasn’t even all that nice! What’s more is it left me with just 2 points left for the day. I was all for rolling those over but I felt hungry and hard done by so used them on an Alpen Light bar when I got home. Then I went to bed and sulked.

So next time I feel like being kind and not sending Hubby out to forage at Lidl on foot in the cold, the wind, and the rain, I will plan my own eating arrangements slightly better!

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