Oops I did it again…

Only a few weeks ago I ditched a whole load of recipe books saying “I use Pinterest for all my recipes now and never use these books”. I only saved a handful – some old but still relevant Weight Watchers books and my trusty collection of Delia Smith (I owe any ability to cook to Delia and my own lovely Mum). And yet here I am having just purchased my second PON book in as many months.

I suppose you only have to glance at this weight loss journey blog to see that we are smitten with PON. Tonight for example we had the tartiflette (with cabbage instead of leeks as they seem to have vanished…. I blame our resident ghost) and even though Hubby and I both assumed the cabbage substitution would be a killer for the kiddos we had 4/4 kids with plates licked clean – 2 of them had SECONDS! You just can’t argue with results like that.

It’s half term next week and I have bagged 4 whole days off work. The biggest two kiddos want to cook so I said we’d give poor Daddy a week off cooking and I’d cook with them. “From the Nom books Mummy?” they shouted. So yes. PON will be gracing the blog for a while longer. (I must dig out that Hairy Dieters book Hubby has stashed somewhere – just for some variety!)

I just hope this horrible Storm Ciara clears off soon so we get go out and have some fun too.

Love these guys: https://pinchofnom.com/

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