Weekly Weigh In – 6th Jan 2023

Fridays! Best day of the week! They start with my weekly weigh in and end with full on enjoyment of food and drink! Why? Because Fridays are when I spend all the extra Weight Watchers Pro Points I have saved and earned all week. This week I have enjoyed a bacon and egg butty for breakfast, scampi and chips from Weatherspoons for lunch, and a last minute (drama at home so needed a quick tea) oven pizza for tea. Followed by GIN! No regrets, no shame!

Weigh In

Let’s get this over with… I started the year on 14 stone 2.28 lb. And I was horrified! After spending 2020 losing 6 stone, to find I had crept over 14 stones again was a real slap to the face. There has still been some Christmas junk food to munch through, and I have been eating it – but it some moderation compared to the whole of November & December!

I am in at 13 stone 13.8lb, so 2.9lb down.

Very happy with that!

Last Week:

So last week I was still eating some crap, but no as much. I went back to work which meant I wasn’t open to as much temptaition to nibble as well. And I have made a conscious effort to walk more. I was averaging 2-3000 steps a day. I made sure I did at least 5000 a day and I’ll keep increasing it.

Next Week:

The last of the junk…. There really isn’t much left to be fair. And I’ll try to save it for Friday (if my will power permits!) when I cut loose anyway. Might as well enjoy what I already have! I am planning to continue with my upped step count. See if I can hit 10,000 at least 3 times in the coming week!

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