Weekly Weigh In – 13th Jan 2023

Here we go again. The weekly weigh in. And on Friday 13th no less! Scary? Maybe a little, but I’ve not been too naughty this week with my food. And I have increased my step count some so perhaps that will be to my advantage.

The thing I am most impressed with is how many “weeklies” I have available to me today! As well as my pre-set amount, I have added my roll over points most days, and earned a ton of points walking. Enough to have a giant blow out tonight with points to spare!

Weigh In

I stepped on the scale this morning knowing full well I had nibbled on pretzels and a few chocolates over the week. But also knowing I have more than doubled my step count. Then again, the huge number of weekly points I have earned / saved isn’t always a guarantee that I will lose weight. Under eating doesn’t do much for weight loss (your body tries to hold on to what it has because of “starvation mode” or something).

Anyway, let me get to the point! My weigh in is: 13st 9.2lb… a loss of 4.7lb!

Last Week:

So! Last week I made a point of getting 4000 steps in before work. I walked every break at work too. Over the week my daily stop count went up to and over 8000 steps! Before Christmas I was lucky to get to 3500! I have now set my daily target to 8000.

Next Week:

I am wanting to increase my step count to minimum 10,000 steps eventually, but for next week my goal is to exceed my new 8000 target. I’m also hoping to curb my evening snack habits… as we run out of stuff to nibble on that should get easier.

Time to march on!

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