Weekly weigh in – 20th Jan

I had mixed feeling about today’s weigh in. Even though I know I’ve been good through the week, and I’ve increased my step count. But last weekend I hardly moved, staying in bed till after 11am on Saturday. That might not be the best way to send the day after Filthy Fat Friday. Perhaps I should be burning off all the extra calories instead of letting them hang about…?

Last Week

So Saturday and Sunday were very lazy. I only reached about 6000 steps over the whole weekend, never mind minimum 8000 a day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed chilling out, but I did regret it afterwards. A bit. But it also motivated me to move more Monday to Friday. I absolutely SMASHED my 8000 step target every day through the week! Getting at least 10,000 daily. Even the kids were impressed!

Weigh In

Moment of truth then…

I got on the scales this morning and they read 13st 7.2lb! That’s 1.9lb down!

Weight Watchers suggests that 2lb weekly loss is good for maintaining a healthy weight loss so I am pleased with that!

Oh… that’s also about half a stone lost since New Year! (But also 3st heavier than I was this time 2 years ago)

Next Week

I am sticking to my 8,000 minimum step count, and unofficially aiming for 10,000 through the week. AND I AM NOT GOING TO SIT IN BED ALL WEEKEND! But as there is a Pokemon Community Day this weekend finding motivation to get out and moving should be easy!

I also need to consider the upcoming weekend… Filthy Fat Friday will be held in Manchester this week as me and my work bestie are taking the day off from the office and taking a trip to see ELVANA live at the Albert Hall! There will be much drinking and no holding back on the junk food! There will also be dancing and plenty of walking / staggering about from bar to bar. That still counts as steps, right?

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