Perfect example of why you should TRACK YOUR FOOD!

Lately I have broken that cardinal rule of Weight Watchers: Track Your Food. Oh that was so foolish! And I have clearly paid the price lately. Turns out that even the “good choices” I have made in recent months haven’t been that good after all.

The mistake

This autumn has been cold. Winter gripped us early this year. And there’s nothing I like more for my lunch in the cold weather then a piping hot bowl of soup and a fat fluffy bread roll. And seriously I thought I was doing ok popping into Aldi on a Monday morning and buying 4 tins of soup and a pack of 4 bread rolls to see me through my office lunches (Friday is still – and always will be – a wild card day!). I admit I knew my choice of bread roll was a bit cheeky. I have fallen deeply in love with Aldi’s cheese & herb metro rolls and even without pointing them I knew they would score high. But I figured the soup would be low in points and balance me out. I wrong wrong. Assumption is dangerous.

The damage

Those Aldi Cheese & Herb Metro Rolls I love? 9 points each on my plan. Ouch.

The soup? Well, I’ve been enjoying the Aldi Specially Selected soups because they are very tasty and very affordable. My favourite is the Tomato & Chorizo. Damn it…. it’s 7 points for HALF A TIN! (Who the hell eats half a tin of soup?) It’s 13 points for the full tin.

Basically I was eating 22 points for my lunch and thinking I had loads to spare. All because I didn’t follow the “track your food” rule.

The solution – track your food!

Now, please don’t think I hating on Aldi, because I’m not. Seriously, I shop there 2-3 times a week because the food is nice, and it’s perfect for my “single income family of 6” budget. I just need to rethink my regular eats. So today before work I was walking around with my WWUK app and scanning the soups and the bread. I have switched from the high point Tomato & Chorizo soup to the tasty 3 point-per-tin Tomato, Lentil & Smoked Paprika, and swapped my beloved metro roll for a healthy and filling Aldi High Protein Sandwich Thin for only 3 points.

Total of 6 points. A bit different to 22!

And I can save the good stuff for FRIDAYS because “no food is banned” – just don’t eat the high point stuff every single day!

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