2022 – I think I ate you – time to start a new diet journey!

It is very much time to start a new diet journey. I have let things slip. To the point where I have let things slip soooo much that things have actually escaped me completely. I have pretty much lived the “Fuck it, it’s nearly Christmas” excuse since all the tasty Christmas Treats started showing up in the shops. And prior to that I had other excuses. Now I need to own up to what I have done.

Why I need to start a new diet journey

I’ll get all the excuses out of the way first then shall I? We moved house – that was stressful. We’ve had a ton of tradesmen in – plumbers, electricians, decorators – which made cooking difficult so we ordered takeaways (by difficult I mean it was a little stressful and messy so we couldn’t be bothered to cook). And I am struggling to find that final all important 3rd argument to cement my point…(I could blame the loss of one of our sweet kitties but that seems a slow blow even for me) but you get the idea. For a while back there it was easier to eat crap and find excuses not to be healthy. And I grabbed every single opportunity to undo all my hard work.

The truth is I wanted to eat junk so I ate junk. And now here I am. My size 12 jeans are a joke, and even my size 16s are starting to get snug. I am not loving the layer of lard around my middle. I am outright HATING the fact that my nice clothes I spent so much money on after getting down to under 10st 7lb JUST DON’T FIT! So I need to do something about it.

The plan!

As per EVERY NEW YEAR I am binging the last of the Christmas Goodies. 12th Night is the last day of Christmas and THAT is the date when I want everything gone by. January 5th. I’m chucking junk at the ever-skinny kiddos (who are now over faced and turning down dessert!)

Step 1: Get through the junk. A last binge / sharing with the kids / take some to work – whatever it takes. By Jan 5th it needs to be gone. Because I have no will power. If it’s in the house I WILL EAT IT!

Step 2: Get back onto Weight Watchers. That means owning up to what I have done and stepping on the scales. That’s another job for Jan 5th: the official logging of the START WEIGHT. Then I need to follow that plan to the letter. I know it works after all!

Step 3: Get active. This is the thing I find hardest. I am by nature very lazy. I would so much prefer to be sat in my nice new home on my nice new sofa, watching my nice new TV or playing any number of games I am hooked on. Going out in the cold and the wet – not appealing to me! And all too often ends with me buying chocolate.

Step 4: Stick with it! There is no point in me starting a new diet journey if I don’t keep tabs on myself with tracking my food, exercise and weight loss.

Wish me luck!

So that’s it. I’m heading in. Do me a favour and shout at me if I don’t post regularly! I need this to keep my momentum going!

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