Half a stone down – stress levels up!

I’ve had a good couple of weeks being back on WW. I’m down half a stone without too much work. I’ve not been feeling hungry or anything so I think I’m back on track with that at last!

I’ve also dug my bike out of storage and bought a new pump so sort the flat tyres out. The old pump broke….

But that’s about as good as it’s been since my last update. I’m in a pretty grotty frame of mind right now. Two days ago we finally sold my Dad’s house. My stepmum and I are splitting the money from the house and she is on her way back to the UK (taking a long, easy drive back with a friend and then staying with her for a few days before staying with us for a bit and then moving near her son). It’s emotional. It’s draining. It’s so damn hard.

It’s been made SO MUCH WORSE by the awful French Solicitors (sorry, “notaire”) who have been shite all the way through. They have no concept of communication. No regard for the stress and anxiety they cause. And are downright rude and largely incompetent!

For MONTHS I have been asking “is the inheritance tax already deducted from the money you said I am to receive?” It’s a pretty important question because if I have to pay it myself I need to know HOW TO PAY and HOW MUCH. I asked this weekly throughout June, July and August. They mostly didn’t bother to reply at all. When they did reply (maybe once a month) they didn’t answer my question. Ever. How hard can it be to say “it’s already deducted” or “you’ll have to pay X% and this is how…”

They told me they would send the money the day after the sale completed. The bank told me if they did that it would arrive in my bank the following working day. So we completed on Wednesday. That means they should sent the money on Thursday. If they did that then the money would be in my account on Friday. Today. Guess what…. no money! And it’s a long weekend this weekend (RIP HRH QEII) so at the earliest that money won’t now arrive until Tuesday.

I’m supposed to pay for my new home Friday next week.

And that’s not all…. all the way through my Stepmum has said she needs her share paying to her sons account because she hasn’t got a UK bank account any more. She’s opening one when she gets back next month. They only just told her on Wednesday that they won’t do that. So they are paying her French account. Which is no good to her when SHE IS LEAVING FRANCE!

I’ve been emailing all day (I can’t call, I don’t speak French, I can just about read/write with help from Google Translate) and – shock horror – not one reply!!!

But do you know the worst part? Whenever I have felt stress and anger over what I feel is an utter injustice brought about by idiots… I’ve called my Dad to rant about it. And I can’t. He’s gone. That’s the whole reason I’m in this mess. And I can’t even vent to my Dad about it! I really miss him.

I do know what he’d say though. He would agree that they are bastards. He would offer to “go and pull them over their desks” (which he would never do, but always suggested) and that would make me laugh. Then we’d work out a plan of what to do.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

I can’t do a damn thing about the bank, money or solicitors over Sat and Sun. So I need to occupy myself with something fun and/or productive. Like PACKING! Watching some good TV with the Hubby. Spending some quality time with the kids. DISTRACT MYSELF FROM WHAT I CANT CONTROL.

Monday: Bank Holiday for us, but not the French. So hammer those emails again!

Tuesday: Bank…. and chase the damn French again. Boss sent me details of a local(ish) translation service, so if I get no response/no money I can attempt a phone call.

See. I feel better already. Not as good has hearing my Dad’s voice. But it will have to do. We’re not a religious family at all, but there is a whole lot of relevance in this:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference”

Dad: “it’s going to be alright”

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