Is our new life going to start this month?

This could be the month…. it could actually happen this month! (It also might not but try to stay optimistic)

In 10 days time we complete the sale of my Dad’s house in France. It’s sad that it will be the end of an era… that house was my dad’s pride and joy… but it’s also very exciting. Selling that house means my stepmum can come back home to the UK. She needs to do that for her health and general wellbeing. Selling the house also means that I will have the means to complete on the purchase of our new home. My Dad would approve of me using his money to give his grandkids a bigger and better home to live in.

I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll be told the final sum of money we are going to recieve, and exactly when that money will arrive. I suppose at that point I had better let my bank know and ask about exchange rates (that’s going to be expensive I think). And I’ll also need to let my solicitor know so we can set a signing date and moving date!

We have slowly started packing boxes now the kids are back at school. And I am rapidly filling online shopping baskets and wishlists! You KNOW I am gonna tech that house up! Smart house all the way! (But not smart locks – hubby is a LONG way from trusting smart locks).

Smart lights and smart plugs are a given. I have those now! I’ve already forked out for a mesh wifi system and it’s running beautifully. Obviously I have my fitbit watch and scales…. (yeah I’m still weight watching) Next on my list is a robot vacuum… seriously those things look ace and I have cats…. oh the tiktok possibilities!

On a more serious note I have also basketted a smart thermostat, smoke & co2 alarms, security camera with light, and smart doorbell. Rising cost of living and all that – try to keep the bills down and reduce the chance of stuff getting stolen that I can’t afford to replace. And it’s a much bigger house so the safety of the family in case of emergencies is paramount.

Plus I love tech and gadgets so why the hell not! Dad would have loved it! He was astounded by the Google Assistant stuff I already had set up before he passed. All of this would have really impressed him. He would approve.

I’m already taking a closer look at my health too. I have slacked off these last few months – so much other stuff going on. I plan to start cycling to work once we’ve moved. We will be a bit closer to the office and no longer living on the top of a killer hill (which has always put me off cycling – who wants to face a huge steep hill after cycling home from a full day of work? Not a lazy arse like me!). That will help my fitness and save a fortune in fuel for the car. Whether I can stick it out through the winter is another matter but I want to give it a go! At least on good weather days.

I’m desperate to get the keys and start making this new house our home. Our current house has been a good home to us. I’ve lived here more than half my life. I met my husband and fell in love with him here. We raised all our babies here – it’s the only home they’ve ever known. But it’s time to move on. We need more space. And the buyer is going to turn this house into something beautiful that the next owner will love and appreciate living in – maybe find love and raise their own family in it.

Oh! The future is finally starting to look good! It’s been a shit few years. It’s due a change for the better!

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