Diet struggles – life gets in the way!

My weight is creeping up. I know it is. My size 12 jeans are giving me muffin tops and my face is a little rounder…. my bra straps are digging in a touch.

But, you know….. there’s just so much going on right now. I’ve lost my mojo for weight watchers and I am eating my emotions. I know what my problem is and I’m trying to keep some control over it but I am struggling.

We are trying to move house. My Dad passing away last year means that we will get enough inheritance to put a substantial deposit down on a bigger family home. Which we urgently need. But because he lived and died in France there are layers and layers of complications and delays which are stressing me beyond belief. The French are horrificly slow and disorganised compared to the UK. Every little scrap of paperwork takes months to process. All I want from them right now is evidence of an approximate final sum of money and date of transfer, but they can’t even manage that a week after I asked!

Meantime I have found the perfect house and had my offer provisionally accepted but cannot progress without this evidence from France. The housing market in my town is crazy at the moment and I can feel this house slipping away. All it will take is someone to match my offer and have their proof of assets readily available and poof…. its gone!

While all this is going on my poor husband has lost his vision in one of his eyes. A macula-off detached retina  which has been operated on but hasn’t fully restored his sight. He also  now has a cataract forming. And this is almost certainly going to happen to his other eye too in the next few years.

And then there’s my youngest, who has been happily living live as a transitioned trans girl pretty much all her life (from nursery age) until some bitch at school started making comments and now she wants to be known as a boy at school but a girl at home. School is in a tizz because they were just about used to using she/her pronouns and now my kid is saying he/him at school. I’m in a state because I just want my kid to be happy – boy / girl / non-binary / whatever! But on their say so not some prejudiced brat at school!

So yeah…. dieting and fitness? Back burner!

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