Weigh in! 14th Jan 2022

Got to say I am stunned by the scales this morning. I’m starting to think they are bust…. because there’s no way I could have lost this much!

12lb loss in a week??

OK. So perhaps some of that is a catch up from the previous week. I know that happens sometimes. And I do drop weight fast after gaining fast over Christmas & New Year.

Anyway it’s a damn good incentive to keep going. New points system has boggled my brain a bit, but healthy meals are healthy meals so I’m sticking to what worked in 2020 and 2021. So what if it tracks differently in the WWUK app. It still works.

Business Trip

I’ve been on the road with work this week. Overnighter in Skegness. Got a chance to enjoy some of my new clothes (Killstar, EMP, Snag). I am loving clothes so much more right now!

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