Weigh In 10th April 2021

Weigh in… first one in a while. A month or more? Something like that anyway. It’s been a bit if a funny time and the diet has slipped off the radar a bit.

Eating my emotions

Choosing to give up my job of the last two and a half years has been a bit of an emotional struggle. And I have been eating my emotions. I get very attached to a job I enjoy, and the team that I work with. I’ve felt guilty for walking away from the business when they have kept me in a job throughout the pandemic. But at the end of the day I have to put my family first, and the job I had was about the have the hours reduced to a level way below anything I could afford to keep the six of us comfortable. Changing jobs means I can support my family, and the business I’m leaving can hire someone who will be grateful for the hours they can afford to offer.


There has been a lot to celebrate too though. And inevitably celebrations mean food! We’ve had a run of weekends where food has been a feature. March 14th is Mothers Day here in the UK, so there was much chocolate! March 21st was eldest kiddos 13th birthday, so you know, birthday cake! Then April 4th was Easter… CHOCOLATE! And tomorrow is Kiddo #3’s 9th birthday so yes, there will be more cake! And naturally being offered this new and very exciting job is cause to celebrate too! The icing on the cake (excuse the bad pun) has to be my Dad getting the all clear on this cancer. Both of my parents are now cancer survivors. I am immensely proud and grateful for their strength.

Weigh In: Getting on the scales

I set today as the day I would get back on the scales and weigh in. This weekend is the last blow out weekend – I have a double layer, triple chocolate brownie birthday cake with salted caramel frosting to make and eat a share of. And a takeaway birthday tea. But Monday is a brand new start – new job, new weight loss start date.

Today is my starting point. I have ignored the scales for weeks. Every time I walked past them I knew I needed to own the weight gain that was happening, but I chickened out. Kept telling myself I had enough on without stressing about my weight.

But I also knew that the longer I left my weigh in it the worse it would be. And I needed to get back on that band wagon!

So here it is. Weigh In. 10 stone 11.4 lb. That’s a fair old gain. But I m still under 11 stone and a long long way from my original start weight. What’s 11 lb? Easily movable! That’s what! I’ll get this weekend out of the way and get back on it Monday. Clean slate. Fresh start. All positive. I WILL DO THIS!

Join WWUK: https://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/uk/checkout/iaf/?iaftoken=eb9d666b-9

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