End of week 1

It’s been a steep learning curve for the Hubby this week. Everything from discovering which foods to point and which are free, to finding out too late that it’s a good idea to point ingredients before you start cooking not when you’re almost done… but with my past experience and help from the folk on WW Connect hes getting there.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I’ve been keeping tabs on my weight all week and am happy tomorrow will be a good result. He has left his as a surprise!

Tomorrow is also “big shop” day where I stock up on most of the main food stuff for the week and all the fresh food for the next few days. So tonight – once the little ones are all in bed – we are hitting the recipe books. I still have my old WW books from previous attempts and we have a Pinch Of Nom book to flick through too. And pinterest and of course WW itself. I’ve seen a few things I’d like to try. I might even give him the night off from cooking tomorrow and make something with our eldest (its kind of his thing to learn to cook something new on a saturday anyway).

I’ll be sure to post our new food on here and Instagram!

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