Eeveelution – Sylveon with Kira

Love an Eeveelution? These pictures have been popping up on social media all day. Eevee with the name Kira. But I had no idea why.

New Eeveelution

Obvs I had to try it and see what all the fuss was about. So I plucked one of my many many eevees in waiting and slapped a name change on it.

Name your eevee Kira

Ohhh! Did you see it? That shadow change! All those years of playing “who’s that pokemon” and I’m screaming IT’S SYLVEON! And I need that pokemon in my life! Pretty little Sailor Moon style pokemon. Who wouldn’t want one? And I have a high 90s IV Eevee just begging to be evolved into something special.

Need to wait

There is a draw back though. It won’t evolve yet. When you try you just get a network error message. It seems that this is a bug or a glitch or something. We weren’t supposed to see this yet. Various Internet rumours are saying it might be around the 24th before we can hit the evolve button without getting an error message. Two weeks suddenly feels like a long time!

In the meantime I am going to be buddying up with Little Kira here and getting some steps in – just in case there’s a Walk With Eevee element to this evolution. Doesn’t hurt to get a head start, right? And even if there isn’t that step… well the extra candies won’t hurt.

Who else is looking forward to a Sylveon to a to their eeveelution collection?

Eeveelution Sylveon Pokemon Go

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