All change!

It’s all change here at Casa Chonky! I have been away from the blog for a while, and the social medias. I have to admit that the diet has taken a hit too. There has been a lot going on in the background. I am only just starting to get myself together again.

New Job

This week I said good bye to the job I have enjoyed for the last two and a half years. On Monday I start a new adventure with a new and very exciting job. I’m sad to leave my old crew but needs must – and I wont lose touch. Too many of them play Pokemon Go for a start! And I’m on good enough terms with the bosses to maintain some relationship there too. It’s been as nice a parting of the ways as you could hope for. Having said that, I can’t wait to get stuck into my new job. It looks amazing!

Change! Chonky Pokemum has a new job!

Old Game

I have recently rediscovered Runescape! Me and the Hubs used to play on PC a billion years ago before we had the kiddos. Now we’re back on the mobile version. We’d only been playing about a week or so when he became one of the “1%” who got locked out of their accounts. Hubs is still locked out now, and not even had a sniff of the beta! But I am quietly cracking on blissfully unaffected. He is continuing to have issues with his alt accounts…

Life stuff!

Positive change on the life front: We have both been given our first Covid jabs! We survived to tell the tale with little more than sore arms and feeling a bit spaced out for a few days. My Dad got the all clear on his cancer! Absolutely amazing and utterly astounding given how sick he was at the start. I’m still hating the fact that he is an another country. I have no way of getting to see him, but at least he’s going to be ok now.

New start

Monday is the start of the new job. Ideally timed for the end of the Easter Holidays. And phase one of Birthday Season in our house. In the space of 4 weeks we’ve had Kiddo #1 13th birthday, Mothers Day, Easter, and Kiddo #3 9th birthday. It feels right that the diet should start again then too. I’ll get back on the scales this weekend and see what damage I have done to myself while navigating the turbulence of stress and celebration all bundled up together. My new size 12 jeans still fit me so maybe it’s not as bad as I fear??

But somethings never change!

I am still playing Pokemon Go every day. I’ve been a bit slack with my gifting and raids. But, you know, I’ve had a lot on! Hasn’t stopped me battering Giovanni for two Shadow Zapdos though!

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