Weigh In 27th Feb 2021

Weigh In Day again! The new Fitbit is here! And I LOVE IT! Check out the Fitbit Sense, I’ve been wearing mine all week and cannot recommend it highly enough. I’ll be adding it to my Affiliate Shop later today so check that out too.

The Week

I am struggling to break the sugar habit I started again last week. I am craving sweet things and have a hankering for snacks late into the evening that I am finding really hard to get away from. This always happens when I’ve had a naughty week so I was fully expecting this but it’s still hard to break these old habits when they resurface.

I’d love to say that I have been strong and not allowed myself to slip but that would be a lie. There have been a couple of slip ups. But for the most part I have been fairly good. And it has been reflected in the scales so that’s a good thing.

Weigh in:

I am down 1lb! It would have been more without the slip ups but it is still a loss so I will take that!

Weigh In 27th Feb 2021
Weigh In 27th Feb 2021

I have been enjoying my new fitbit though. A new feature of the Sense is the stress management! Given my history of stress, depression and anxiety this is something that really interests me. And anything that can help me through my anxiety has to be a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do manage my issues well. It has been MANY YEARS since there was any real problems (like before I even had the kiddos) – not so much as a single day off work with stress etc – but anything that helps keep me running smoothly is a good thing. I want to stay level!

NEW!  My Fitbit Sense - with Bitmoji Me!
NEW! My Fitbit Sense – with Bitmoji Me!

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