GO Tour Kanto! Part 2

GO Tour Kanto is still rumbling on from last weekend. I have to admit I was starting to sweat a bit about these last raids… I mean, I have plenty of legendary birds. Remember when they used to be research rewards? Yeah… LOADS OF THEM! But then I needed to catch 3 more and I had no raid passes left. So I bought some. And the very next day? 3 passes available in the shop for 1 coin! GAH!

GO Tour Kanto – RAIDS!

Moltres and Atricuno were easy enough. I have a POGO friend on the other sde of the globe who has been inviting me to pretty much every raid EVER so we polished them off quickly. But they must already have a Zapdos because the invite for that raid never came through. Zappy kept showing up on my nearby raids but no one was taking me up on my invites. Surely I wasn’t the only one on my friends list that didn’t already have one through the Go Tour?

But the kids came to the rescue! By the time Wednesday’s Raid Hour rolled round they had forgiven me for not buying them all Tour Tickets and jumped on with their 1 coin remote raid passes. Finally a couple of people on my friends list joined in too and 10 of us knobbled a Zapdos in record time and FINALLY my last collection was complete! One of kids didn’t manage to bag the bugger though, so as soon as he has enough stardust I’ll be trading him. Least I could do to say thank you!

GO Tour Kanto - Raids
GO Tour Kanto – Raids

Just for good measure we battered an Articuno and a Mewtwo as well, because why not?

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