Weigh In 20th Feb 2021

Weigh in this week isn’t looking good. And OK, it’s a day late but that won’t make much difference.

So this week has seen two takeaways, a ton of valentines chocolate, and a whole lot of baking with the kids. But I don’t get a whole lot of time off with the kids – even with lockdown home schooling – quality time is in short supply because I am still going out to the office 5 days a week – and that’s including half the weekend. So when I have time off at the same time as them and they want to bake sweet things I’m not going to say no.

Weigh In Killers

We had a Chinese Takeaway on Valentines Day. And pizza on Friday because no one could be bothered to cook and why not when we’re on “holiday”. I scoffed everything that Hubby bought me to eat too – and there was a lot. I should have rationed it out really, but I didn’t want to.

Kiddo 3 wanted to make some millionaires shortbread. We made two batches over the week and it was seriously SERIOUSLY caramelly! And the biggest two wanted to make Cookie Dough Pizza which was sugar on sugar sprinkled with chocolate. A bazillion calories per bite. Littlest didn’t want to bake, which is probably a good thing for my waist line.

What the scales said

So when I stepped onto the scales this weekend I knew I was in for a bad weigh in. And I wasn’t wrong. 2.8lb gain. Shocking! But it will go again. I know I keep saying that and it keeps creeping up again but I am determined not to gain all the weight I have lost. I don’t want to be more than 10st 7lb and right now I am so that needs to change ASAP. Back to it now!

Weigh In 21st Feb 2021
Weigh In 21st Feb 2021

And as a little intensive I have upgraded my Fitbit Blaze! The battery has finally conked out after almost 5 years – it wont hold a charge for more than a day now so it’s in need of replacing and I have just been waiting for an excuse to buy the Fitbit Sense! This is it! My new Fitbit will be arriving later this week!

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