Weigh In 17th April 2021

Weigh In Day! I am sticking to my word and getting back into my healthy eating and pointing. It’s been a good week all round and I am feeling very positive!

New Start

So the new job didn’t actually start until Tuesday. There was a delay with the custom PC they were building for me so I was given Monday off – with pay – while they got it sorted. I still started my diet again though! The rest of the week at the new place was great. Lovely team, fun and interesting work, and an hour off for lunch which means I can get a few steps in on my break!

Tasty Food

Hubby has been experimenting with some different recipes. This week we had this lovely PON/WWUK mash up: Cheesy Broccoli Stuffed Chicken, with Baked Leeks and Roast Potatoes. It was SO GOOD! And the kids lapped it up too. Just 9 points a plate on Weight Watchers Blue Plan. I think he might be starting to get back into the idea of losing a bit of weight again himself.

Cheesy Broccoli Stuffed Chicken, Baked Leek, Roast Potatoes. 9 points (WWUK Blue Plan)

The Weigh In

I almost forgot to get on the scales this morning! The Kiddos are back at swimming lessons today so it was action stations from the crack of dawn to get everyone hustling out of the door on time. But I did remember and quickly stripped off again to get a record before I had my breakfast.

I hopped on and held my breath – hoping HOPING for a loss after these last few weeks. And I was rewarded with a 2lb loss! YES!!!

Here I am, weigh in of 10st 9.4lb! And here’s looking forward to another good week – both at the new job and with the diet. Only 9.4lb to goal!

2 lb loss this week!

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