Weigh In 24th April 2021

Weigh in day seems to rush round each week! The kiddos are going back to the Scout Hut and have started swimming lessons again so our evenings and weekends are filling back up. Life feels like it’s getting back to normal and settling down at last, and it’s feeling good. I’m keeping a much better eye on my diet now – although I am enjoying my food on the weekends. Have to own up to ordering a takeaway last night in honour of the kids getting excellent reports from parents evening.

Step Count

My lovely new job gives an hour for lunch. And it’s only a stones throw from the sea front. So while the weather has been nice this week I have taken full advantage and taken a little stroll along the prom on my breaks. I’m not talking miles and miles, just a couple of thousand steps to keep the fitbit happy. And there are plenty of Pokemon to be caught as well!

Weigh in: Weight Loss & Pokemon Go - Walking


You’d be proud of how I am sticking to my guns on my healthy lunches too. My new work mates frequently rock up with pies from one of the local shops, or pass round bags of sweets, crisps and chocolates. But I have kept to my light lunches and fruit. I was given an official work shirt this week – a large lady fit polo shirt – and it fits but only just. If I gain a couple of pounds then I wont be able to wear it! But if I hit goal it will be a nice and flattering fit.

Weigh In

I was actually feeling quietly confident when I got on the scales this week. I had been feeling bloated and horrible for a few weeks but this week I’ve felt better. Felt slimmer.

And I am happy to report a loss! 2.2lb loss! That takes me down to 10 stone 7.2 lb. Just a fraction over half a stone to goal, and only 4 lb off my lowest recorded weight. I’m very happy!

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