When Social Media Dies!

About half an hour before the end of my working day today Facebook died. So did Instagram. And WhatsApp. I work in social media for a living. Creating and sharing content for other people is what I do. On Facebook and Instagram. And I talk to my clients using WhatsApp. None of them use twitter or TikTok. Only two on my account list use LinkedIn.

So that means an early end to my day today…. OK. Nice. BUT….!

Social Media is my living. It’s how I pay the bills, feed and clothe my kids… (keep myself in POGO remote raid passes!) and sure, chances are by the time I rock up at the office tomorrow FB etc will probably be fixed and all this will just be a meme that gets quickly forgotten until the next outage. But it makes you think….

I have no problem with FB acquiring the likes of Insta and WhatsApp. The integration certainly makes my job easier! But having all your eggs in one basket is clearly risky. Perhaps we all need to branch out into other social media platforms?

The question is…. where do you go?

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