I can’t get no-oh…. car-bo-hy-drates….

So the madness continues.

Hubby went for a top up shop today. And the shops are selling out of the dry goods. No pasta, no rice, blah blah blah…

I sincerely hope that the panic buyers actually EAT all the food they are needlessly hoarding. Carb overload anyone?

I am hearing pathetic people boasting over their hoards – things they don’t even LIKE but have bought ALL of (why??) As though being massively selfish is something to be proud of.

Sad cases every one of them.

Meantime we are laughing at them all getting fat and miserable while we embrace our enforced carb free diet. Noodles from courgettes? Pizza bases from cauliflower? The recipes have flooded the interwebs since the rise of the Hipster Movement. So bollocks to you hoarders and your landlocked scurvy, your highly flammable prisons built from mutlipacks of toilet roll. We will be eating fresh fruit and veg (no shortage of that), slimming nicely and bursting with natural vitality and health from our excellent nutritious meals.

Enjoy your bog roll and rice. I’m sure there’s a recipe for that… somewhere…

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